Mega Tart Sampler

Soy Wax Mega Tart Sampler
2- Banana Nut Bread
2 Pioneer Cabin( also called Christmas Cabin)
2- Farmhouse Kitchen
2- Pumpkin Hollow
2- Pumpkin Cornbread
2- Cranberry Cabin
10.50 plus 6.15 Priority mail

Happy Holidays Sampler

2- Balsam and Spice
2- Chestnuts and Brown Sugar
2- Christmas Cabin
2- Cranberry Cabin
2- Spicey Gingerbread
2- Olde Jack Frost
10.00 plus 6.10 Priority mail shipping

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New Tart Sampler

Tart Sampler
2- Olde Farmhouse Kitchen
2- Colonial Mulled Cider
2- Hillbilly Homebrew
2-Cranberry Cabin
2- Olde Dough Bowl ( Sugar Cookie)
2-Olde Colonial Inn ( Chestnuts and Brown Sugar)
10.00 plus 5.95 Priority mail shipping

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