New Year-New Scents

New Year- New Scents!!
We are restocking!
Try some of our new scents :
Cozy Home- warm spices blended with fresh apple- wonderful ( not the traditional Apple Cinnamon scent)
Chocolate, Caramel Shortbread- a blend of all 3 scents with a hint of coffee
Cranberry Cabin- cranberries, orange, cinnamon and, clove- delightful!!
Olde Winter Cabin pine, cedar, cinnamon and clove
Or get some of your favorites:
1856 Manahan House- ( Applejack & Peel-apples, oranges and spice)
1747 Fearing Tavern- a wonderful Butter Rum scent !
Dried Cracked Cinnamon
Hillbilly Homebrew- a strong cinnamon pecan scent
Olde Plimoth Plantation- sun ripened blackberries mixed with herbs- one of my favorites!
Olde Dough Bowl- spicey gingerbread- mmmmm!

5.00 / 6 pack 9.50 / 12 pack plus shipping
Bulk tarts- 24/18.00 plus shipping
5.00 / sampler 6 pk plus shipping
4.50/ 4 oz jar candle plus shipping
8.50/ 10 jar candle plus shipping

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